Your Own Backyard Podcast Coming to Netflix or Amazon Prime?

If you love true crime podcasts as much as I do, you have likely listened to the story of Kristin Smart being murdered after a college party in San Luis Obispo, California. The “Your Own Backyard” podcast gains in popularity every few months as it becomes national news. Chris Lambert does an amazing job and updates his listeners every so often with more information.

This is the perfect true crime podcast that could be made into a TV show. Netflix has been known to push out true crime documentaries in an attempt to help find the murderer in a cold case. The Disappearance of Madeleine McCann was one that became very popular in the last several years. If Netflix is seeing an uptick in viewership for true crime documentaries and podcasts being made into TV shows, you can be rest assured online streaming companies like Amazon Prime and Hulu will be right behind them.

As of late 2020, Netflix has not signed a deal with Chris Lambert to do a TV show or documentary. In a similar vein to the Counterclock podcast it would make sense to get these stories in front of more people to get more attention on the cold cases.

By adding maps, pictures, videos and live interviews to these stories that are presented as podcasts, there is a higher likelihood that someone that knows something about the murder will come forward. The Kristin Smart murder is simply baffling because there were so many people involved and witnesses that saw her during the night she was killed. If you are interested in this type of content there are a number of very popular true crime podcasts that are released every single month.

Something as small as a her dentist being able to identify teeth or a friend remembering an ex boyfriend or fling being around on the night or a murder could be enough to find the killer in these cases.

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