Did Tom Brown Really Wear Diapers? [Tom Brown’s Body Podcast]

The latest True Crime Podcast to go viral is Texas Monthly’s Tom Brown’s Body. It is a very easy binge in one day as it is only eight episodes and a total of 319 minutes or a little under five and a half hours. While this is an interesting podcast it is unlikely it will be shopped around to Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime or another streaming service. It may show up on Investigation Discovery and eventually end up on a Netflix show but don’t expect it to get to the level of Serial or the Manhunt shows.

One of the things anyone listening to the podcast will remember is the talk about high school senior Tom Brown wearing diapers. His ex-girlfriend Saige Pennington admits that she saw him in diapers once but she never really addressed it with Tom because she thought it would make him even more self conscious. The parents of Tom Brown mentioned they caught him wearing diapers in middle school but never again after that.

There was not mention if Tom’s kink of wearing diapers including adult diapers or children’s diapers. The aforementioned middle school diaper situation was one in which Tom was with a niece or cousin and tried on her diapers.

As with all True Crime podcasts there are many WTF moments in Tom Brown’s Body. The most WTF moment was the discussion of Tom Brown wearing diapers. There were a few other outrageous scenarios that were floated but they were hyperbolic and just small town chatter.

Anyone that grew up in a small town and didn’t exactly it in with a specific crowd knows exactly what Tom Brown went through. He was demoted from started to second string on the Canadian High School Football team. He subsequently quit and took up interest in other endeavors. With a high school football team winning a state championship in Texas you don’t just quit and not have to deal with the fall out. Name calling and hazing are the least of the issues when it comes to this type of town.

It will be interesting to see if the streaming services shop this True Crime podcast as it has gained some traction on Apple Podcasts. It is not in the top 20 on Spotify Podcasts but Crime Junkie, My Favorite Murder, Morbid, Serial Killers and Supernatural with Ashley Flowers are all in the top 20.

While Tom Brown’s family does not need a Texas Construction Lawyer, they would be wise to lawyer up as the private investigator has really caused a stir in Canadian, Texas.

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