Solvable Podcast Gwen – Is She Alive?

One of the most popular true crime podcasts during the summer of 2021 is Solvable. Audiochuck has had some major hits with CounterClock, Crime Junkie and now Solvable. The podcast chronicles the past of Gwen who was Baby Jane Doe’s mother. We won’t spoil the podcast but we will see that it is unknown if Gwen is still alive. With millions of people listening to this true crime podcast in July and August of 2021 it will be interesting to see if anyone knows if Gwen is alive.

This is another of the popular true crime podcasts that we believe will likely come to a streaming service like Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime. The content is phenomenal and the cost to make documentaries is significantly less than actual TV shows or movies. There has not been a hit true crime documentary on Netflix in quite some time so we are due.

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