Jeff Pelley’s Washed Blue Jeans, Receipt and Change in Pockets

If you are like us, you have already listened to the entire third season of Counterclock. As we have said before, it is all in due time before Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime or Apple TV+ gobbles up this content and makes it a streaming TV series. Something everyone is talking about is the washed blue jeans, the change in the pockets and the receipt that was still legible even after being washed.

Anyone that has washed blue jeans with money and/or receipts in the pockets knows they do not stay in the pockets and the receipts basically become a wad of paper. There is no way a receipt was washed and anyone could still make out what it said. You can see the evidence of Jeff Pelley’s washed blue jeans here.

So, did Jeff Pelley really commit these murders? Why are there so many loose ends? What is up with all the shady business with the bank down in Florida? Counterclock Season 3 is absolutely phenomenal and we can’t wait for the follow up question and answer podcast with Delia D’Ambra and Ashley Flowers.

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