When Did Person of Interest Leave Netflix?

Well, it happened again. I was going to go back and watch a show that I stated awhile ago only to find it not on Netflix. Person of Interest has some of the highest rated individual episodes on IMDB. In fact, there are about 10-15 shows that are above a 9.5. Unfortunately, I was only up to the point where the shows started to get very high ratings when live called and other things happened. I went to watch it again and found out it wasn’t there. So, when did Person of Interest leave Netflix. It looks like Person of Interest left Netflix on September 22nd, 2020 which was exactly nine years after the pilot aired.

If you were watching Person of Interest on Netflix and you found that it was gone and want to watch it elsewhere it looks like you are going to have to pay. The rights to the show are owned by CBS so Paramount+ will likely be the streaming service that gets Person of Interest in 2021 and beyond. UPDATE: Person of Interest is available in its entirety on HBO Max in mid 2022. That does not mean it won’t move to a different streaming service in the future, but as of now, you can watch all the episodes on HBO Max.

I really wanted to see all the cool was that John Reese and Harold Finch solved the cases. I was just to the point where Root was becoming an important character. I heard she ends up being a huge part of the show. My friend and Richmond, VA dentist Dr. Brent Rusnak said that many of the ways in which they use dental forensics is very interesting to those that went through dental school and work in a dentist’s office every day of the work week.

Sadly, I have no idea what episode I stopped on. A cool feature that Netflix could have is to show you what episode you were on when a show left Netflix. Sadly, that does not seem to exist nor does Netflix likely care because you are going to watch the show on Paramount+ or another streaming service that is money not going into their pockets.

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