Religious Documentaries on Netflix

If you are like millions of streaming TV watchers, you cannot get enough of popular documentaries. Both Netflix and Hulu have been battling it out for some of the best content in documentary form. Heck, they both released a documentary on the Fyre Festival within weeks of each other. If you are looking for the best Religious Documentaries on Netflix, you should check these out:

Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath – 9.0 IMDb rating

Wild Wild Country – 8.1 IMDb rating

The Keepers – 8.1 IMDb rating

Islands of Faith (Semesta) – 7.3 IMDb rating

Stories of a Generation with Pope Francis – 7.2 IMDb rating

Witch Hunt (Witches) – A Century of Murder – 7.2 IMDb rating

Holy Hell – 7.0 IMDb rating

One of Us – 7.0 IMDb rating

My Scientology Movie – 6.6 IMDb rating

The Family – 6.4 IMDb rating

Deprogrammed – 6.2 IMDb rating

Enlighten Us – 6.2 IMDb rating

The Lost Key – 6.1 IMDb rating

The Secret – 5.6 – IMDb rating

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