Will Everyone Hates Chris Come to Netflix?

Anyone that is a 90’s or 2000’s kid grew up with Everyone Hates Chris. It was a hilarious comedy show that highlighted the troubles of Chris Rock as a teenager. Now that the kids that grew up on this show are in college or have recently graduated college, they are looking to watch the show again and enjoy the nostalgia. Unfortunately, the show is not on Netflix at the present time but it is on CBS All Access and you can watch it on Amazon Prime.

You can also catch this show on Hulu or Peacock. Note that Peacock has had difficulty getting off the ground as it was not on Roku as a streaming channel for the first several months it was available. Many people wanted Peacock to watch Yellowstone yet they could not stream it on their TV. Millions of people just bought Yellowstone on Amazon Video because Peacock was not on their Roku. That said, you can get Everyone Hates Chris on a number of streaming channels that are on the Roku and other streaming devices.

When Everyone Hates Chris comes to Netflix we will be sure to update this page and make an announcement on the headlines of the homepage.

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