Symbols in the O at the Beginning of Each Ozark Netflix Episode

No spoilers here but we wanted to publish the symbols at the beginning of each of the shows. Note that the symbols will foreshadow what is going to happen in each episode.

Season 2

Episode 1 – Reparations

Episode 2 – The Precious Blood of Jesus

Episode 3 – Once a Langmore…

Episode 4 – Stag

Episode 5 – Game Day

Episode 6 – Outer Darkness

Episode 7 – One Way Out

Episode 8 – The Big Sleep

Episode 9 – The Badger

Episode 10 – The Gold Coast

Season 1

Episode 1 – Sugarwood

Episode 2 – Blue Cat

Episode 3 – My Dripping Sleep

Episode 4 – Tonight We Improvise

Episode 5 – Ruling Days

Episode 6 – Book of Ruth

Episode 7 – Nest Box

Episode 8 – Kaleidoscope

Episode 9 – Coffee, Black

Episode 10 – The Toll

This show was absolutely fantastic. It is very similar to Breaking Bad but starts out even faster than Breaking Bad, if that is possible. If you are a fan of money laundering type TV shows with a little bit of “spice”, this is your show. From our understanding, they are planning five seasons if it gets renewed. How could this show not get renewed?!